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11/04/2010 WiMax, LTE Get Another “4G” Competitor >>More
A recent decision by the International Telecommunication Union to not consider WiMax and LTE valid 4G incarnations has ironically given way to a rash o...
11/02/2010 London Tube stations start rolling out Wi-Fi >>More
11/01/2010 Taiwan Breathes Sigh of Relief Over Intel WiMa... >>More
10/29/2010 FCC fines Verizon Wireless $25M for spurious f... >>More
10/27/2010 ALU: India TD-LTE Coming Soon >>More
10/26/2010 FCC crunches numbers on spectrum crisis >>More
10/25/2010 Clearwire May Soon Switch Over to the LTE Side... >>More
10/21/2010 Clearwire edges toward 100Mbps wireless broadb... >>More
10/20/2010 Verizon to Offer Capped Data Plan >>More
10/08/2010 Canada 4G Launch: The Great WiMax North >>More
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