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08/19/2009 Sprint Launches 4G in 3 New Markets >>More
Sprint is cashing in on its investment less than a year after it contributed its entire 2.5 GHz spectrum holdings to Clearwire’s mobile WiMAX effort....
08/17/2009 Alcatel-Lucent Appoints New 4G Division Exec >>More
08/14/2009 Clearwire Downgraded on Competition, Spending >>More
08/06/2009 Sprint Launches 4G Mobile Broadband Routers >>More
08/05/2009 CTIA Names Diggs to WIC Post >>More
08/03/2009 Report: Time Warner Cable Joins WiMAX Party >>More
07/31/2009 Verizon Supports Texting/Driving Ban >>More
07/30/2009 Verizon Asks Court to Say Its 3G Ads Are True >>More
07/28/2009 No iPhone, But VZW 2Q Metrics Remain Steady >>More
07/27/2009 AT&T Beats Verizon on Net Adds >>More
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