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RF Castle Electronic Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 and has become a leading manufacturer, specializing in WiFi antennas, RF connectors, coaxial cables,  cable assemblies, pigtails and other related high gain WiFi products. We strive after improvement  on innovation, R&D as well as high-end quality WiFi products in order to meet our customers' requirements.  

We are not only a specialist in cable assembly production but have strong background in other WiFi production as well. We are  concentrated in the manufacturing of WiFi antennas such as omni-directional antennas, panel antennas, grid antennas, GPS antennas, waterproof enclosure, and other 

related products. We offer complete support in design, manufacture as well as service  of our WiFi products and fully responsible for managing and planning all design, electrical testing as well as other customized WiFi products.  

With continuous business development, focusing on high-end quality products and elegant product design with the most competitive price and fast service, we guarantee our customers innovation, quality and customer satisfaction 



Coil Winding Machine Horn Antenna Network Analyzer
Wire Stripper Wire Cutting Machine Tensile and Compression Tester
Hi-pot Tester Hexangular Press Machine Press Machine
RF Castle Electronics Co., Ltd.    TEL: +886-6-3586018    FAX: +886-6-3586029
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