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10/05/2010 Webinar: How Can the Telecom Industry Start Growing Again?

Will wireless kill wireline vendors? Will Google kill telcos? What is next-gen? The idea of strategic growth conjures up dozens of questionsand no specific answers. Mobile traffic is rising, and consumers and enterprises are constantly demanding more bandwidth, content and speed. The communications industry must work to keep up by both evolving traditional business models and building the capacious, ubiquitous network needed to satisfy demand.

Earlier today, I was joined by two of my Yankee Group colleagues, Benoît Felten and Camille Mendler, for a webinar about how the telecom industry will grow. Each of us offered up some unique perspectives on what a growth strategy might look like, from new industry partnerships, to next-generation access services, to mobile pricing.

The webinar runs about an hour. Click here to watch the replay.

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